Spotlight On

George “Buddy” Regan

He was born December 22, 1936 in New Castle, New Brunswick, Canada. He passed away at the age of 78 on November 24, 2015.

During the 1970s Buddy established himself as one of the premier New York (Roosevelt and Yonkers Raceway) trainers. From 1971 through 1980 Buddy had a string of 10 consecutive $1 million seasons and during the same time period he won more than 10 Roosevelt and Yonkers Raceway training titles.

Buddy started his career working for Joe O'Brien and Stanley Dancer. He later went to work for trainer Frank Mollica and in 1966 he branched off on his own.

While Buddy was an accomplished driver himself, he chose to primarily train his horse and to leave the driving to others such as Carmine Abbatiello and Lucien Fontaine. Some of the horses that he trained were Call To Arms, George Van Allen, Gypsy Bret, Mr Sandman, Frank T Ace, and Sureshot Hanover.