Eddie Cobb

Eddie Cobb at the age of 20 was one of the first drivers to race at Roosevelt Raceway when the track first opened in 1940. He would rank as one of the tracks top drivers for over 20 years. He has won driving titles at Maywood Park, Brandywine, Greenview, Hollywood Park, Scioto Downs and Western Harness at different times from “1948 through 1960”. He jumped into world prominence in 1960 with the great “Adios Butler”. He bred and developed world champion Genghis Kahn who set a world record of 1.51.4. Other horses he campaigned include Jerry The First, Royal Man Honest Jimmie, Flaming Arrow and Amortizor.

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​1982 Genghis Khan - 1.52.4 track record
    Trainer (Cobb) - Driver (O'Donnell)